The Rally adventures started in 1997 and have lasted more than 10 years.We made a good reputation by preparing rally cars and offering assistance to Lebanese and International drivers (Rodrigue El Rahi, Edith Weiss, Fares Bustami, Chris Thomas and others) In our history of rallying, we are proud of our many victories including the 1st place with Rodrigue El Rahi/Lancia.

We have also collaborated with ATCL in Scrutineering(Rally cars check up before the race), at the Kfoury Motor Sport Workshop ("Scrutineering" photo album).

4x4 - Jofrey Georgeovich (Our First Participation)

Rally of Lebanon - Rony Georgeovich

Rally of Lebanon - Elie Germany

Rally of Lebanon - Jordanian teams - Fares Bustami (Jordan Rally Champion) - Nancy Al Majali

Rally of Lebanon - Rodrigue El Rahi - Lancia Delta Integrale

4x4 - Michel Saleh

Syrian International Rally - Edith Weiss

Lebanon Rally participations for Edith Weiss

24th Rally of Lebanon - Chris Thomas (Cyprus Rally Champion)- Fares Bustami - Nancy Al Majali

28th Rally of Lebanon - Rodrigue El Rahi

Rally of Lebanon - Rodrigue El Rahi - 3rd Position
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